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Getting Started with SMART IRB & the Online Reliance System

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Implementing the SMART IRB Agreement
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Responsibilities of Relying Institutions

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Serving as a Reviewing IRB

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Now Available in Beta

Investigators and institutions can use the Online Reliance System to request, track, and document reliance arrangements on a study-by-study basis.

  • Simplifies the selection of a single IRB for multisite studies
  • Manages communication between institutions and investigators
  • Tracks the status of requests
  • Clearly indicates what needs to be done next
  • Documents reliance arrangements for each study
  • NEW! Sites can be added to a reliance arrangement by amendment

How it works

For Investigators

To submit a request for reliance for your study, the Overall PI or a designee will:

  • Provide details about the study
  • List the engaged sites
  • Identify activities and personnel at each site
  • Upload research protocol and any consent templates

Request investigator access

Review the Reliance Checklist and prepare study materials prior to logging in.

For Institutions

Once a request is submitted:

  • The Overall PI’s home institution evaluates the request
  • A Reviewing IRB is identified
  • Institutions express their willingness to rely and communicate local context information
  • The Reviewing IRB reviews each institution’s decision and issues a determination

Contact us to request institution administrator access for your POC