SMART IRB Agreement

Supporting IRB reliance across the nation

Review the Agreement

Review the agreement with institution officials and counsel.

Review the Agreement

Do not sign the sample Joinder Agreement.

Getting Started with SMART IRB & the Online Reliance System
Implementing the SMART IRB Agreement
(for institutions and IRBs)
Responsibilities of Relying Institutions
Serving as a
Reviewing IRB
SMART IRB Resources for IRB and HRPP Personnel
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Streamline IRB review and oversight of multisite studies and ensure robust protections for study participants.

For IRBs and Institutions

The SMART IRB Agreement:

  • Enables reliance on a study-by-study basis
  • Clearly defines roles and responsibilities
  • Eliminates the need to sign reliance agreements for each study

Once you've joined SMART IRB, you may use the Agreement to support collaborations among Participating Institutions.

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For Investigators

The SMART IRB Agreement:

  • Reduces hurdles for multisite collaborations
  • Supports small and large studies, regardless of funding
  • Helps you obtain trial results faster

Investigators from Participating Institutions can use the SMART IRB Online Reliance System to request reliance arrangements for their studies.

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