SMART IRB: Supporting single IRB review
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Getting Started with SMART IRB & the Online Reliance System

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Implementing the SMART IRB Agreement (for institutions and IRBs)

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The Benefits of SMART IRB

SMART IRB is a platform designed to ease common challenges associated with initiating multisite research and to provide a roadmap for institutions to implement the NIH Single IRB Review policy. Freely available for institutions and investigators, SMART IRB is an integrated, comprehensive platform that allows flexibility in the size and scope of collaboration to enable IRB reliance for multisite studies across the nation, regardless of funding status.

A roadmap to single IRB review

singlesource icon First step: Join SMART IRB
Participating Institutions can use the SMART IRB Agreement to streamline IRB review for multisite studies, eliminating the time and effort typically required to negotiate an IRB authorization agreement for each new study. Review the SMART IRB Agreement [PDF] and initiate the process of joining.

guidance icon Start using SMART IRB right away
Use the Agreement and flexible standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your study.
And check out our Resources page for a growing library of educational materials, tools, and checklists.

expertise icon Access Expertise across the Nation
Connect with a SMART IRB ambassador in your region who is knowledgeable in the processes and practicalities of IRB reliance. Institutions and IRBs can also request guidance through our consultation service.

online sharing icon Coming May 2017: Online Reliance System
On May 4th, SMART IRB will provide an open-source, web-based system that tracks, facilitates, and documents reliance arrangements on a study-by-study basis.

Joining and using the SMART IRB platform is free; however, some institutions may charge IRB fees in connection with IRB Review activities.