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How do I get started?
Start the joinder process below.
What do I do if I have not received my invitation?
Invitation emails may be flagged by spam filters; if you cannot find your invitation, Contact gro.britrams@pleh.
The Agreement includes a sample Joinder Agreement; is that what I sign?
No; you will register your institution and download a pre-filled Joinder Agreement for signature.
How do I continue my registration or revise my joinder?
Once you have registered, you can log in to make revisions.
How do I start the joinder process for a second institution?
For each institution, you will start the joinder process and receive a new invitation to continue the process.
How do I make changes (e.g. change the POC) after my institution has been activated?
Contact gro.britrams@pleh if you need to make updates to your institution information.

For a guided walkthrough of the process, see the SMART IRB Joinder Platform Guide.

Questions? Contact a SMART IRB ambassador or gro.britrams@pleh

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